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January 28, 2018

Go Bookmarks

This is my collection of references I found especially useful to understand idiomatic solutions to various design problems and Go internals.

Application Architecture

After digging through the considarable amount of articles applying the topic of Clean Architecture to Go I found this to be the most compelling one (and actually one of the few in the spirit of the original idea, AFAIK):

Clean Architecture Guide (with tested examples): Data Flow != Dependency Rule

Error Handling

When approaching error handling in Go it is in my opinion very easy to make the mistake and work against the original ideas of the language. The approach I found to be naturally aligned with what GHop deliberately provides for errors out of the box is described in:

Error Handling Practices in Go

HTTP Handler Functions

At the end of this blog post a proper technique is show how to pass data from one handler to another in an HTTP handler ‘chain’. In my opinion, using a closure approach and create the actual handling function on the fly and closing over the pass-id data is far superior than any other approach (eg writing your own handlers signature or using request context values):

Pitfalls of context values and how to avoid or mitigate them in Go


This talk discusses useful strategies for testing that mostly present in Go’s standard library but are are not well known.

“Advanced Testing with Go by Mitchell Hashimoto”

Silde deck summarizing a number of testing features in a concise way. Good place to look somethingup quickly.

“Testing Techniques”

Go Gotchas

These links address subtle issues about the Go language, that do not appear obvious at fiorst sight:

Go has a potential for memory leaks, described in this section

Delete without preserving order

Other Reference Lists